As we celebrate the historic five-year anniversary of medical cannabis in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, now is the time for reflection and action. Act 16 has provided critical medicine to over 400,000 patients across Pennsylvania, but it has also created roadblocks to access and product diversity.

Our state House of Representatives recently voted on a bill that would make substantial changes to Act 16. These changes will expand access to medicine throughout the Commonwealth and positively advance the program. These changes are crucial to ensuring a robust medical marijuana program that can meet patient needs. We thank all lawmakers who voted “yes.”

Now we ask Pennsylvania’s senators to do the same. Please join us in asking your senator to vote “yes” on the Act 16 changes. As Pennsylvania lawmakers act on amending Act 16, the medical cannabis community must speak with one voice to #PrioritizePatients.


Here are key points to tell your lawmakers:

Increase my access to critical medicine!
Help us end long wait lines for your medicine! After five years, it’s time to fix Act 16 to improve patient access and guarantee supply. Click HERE to demand that your lawmakers increase necessary access for patients.


Let's make Act 16 transparent!

Did you know that the public is prohibited from seeing where your medical cannabis products are cultivated and processed?? Not even the media is allowed to report on what’s happening inside cannabis facilities.

Click HERE to demand that your lawmakers allow for an open and honest medical cannabis industry that offers you a look inside. 


Telemedicine keeps me safe!

We are fighting for your ability to access forms online and receive medical cannabis recommendations through telehealth and virtual pharmacy visits. Not everyone can afford to make their way out to a doctor, especially the sickest and most vulnerable.

Expensive costs and debilitating conditions can make it difficult to navigate the world, many patients struggle to secure in-person healthcare visits. This is a huge quality of life issue that we must address.

Click HERE to demand that your lawmakers accommodate safe, virtual options for medical cannabis evaluations and renewals.


For media inquiries and other questions, please contact us:

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